About Us

The Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness. Puts a little ‘Ahhhh’ in your voice as you say it out loud. It did for us, Susan & Karen. It all started from a casual conversation; perhaps you’ve had the same one, aloud with friends, co-workers, in a blog, or in your head, as a passing thought, a nagging yelling, or a thump thump, thump. In any case this is how it began. We two friends, having known each other for a decade, commiserating about spouses, kids, family life. We’re organized, smart, conscientious women, not in an arrogant way, but in a yes-we’re-among-the-living kind of way. Yet finding time, space, freedom to enjoy the indulgence of yoga in our own home is as elusive as that missing sock, you know the one…eye roll. And meditation? In your own home? Sure, we can call it that, standing over a pile of cold laundry, or a hot stove, or in the car, even perhaps alone for a few moments, but really, really, does chanting ‘Is this really it?’ in your own head, while gritting your teeth truly define the depth of meditation as it relates to the universe?

There has to be more, right? We schedule medical appoints, vehicle appointments, and haircuts; even market trips, on a good day with a list. We make time to spend with family and friends, and hopefully more than just at the holidays.  But where oh where is that scheduled yoga, meditation or wellness appointment? Again, with the missing sock.

New to all this? Wonderful. You can do this. Here’s the insider tip, the ‘magic’ if you will. This is already inside of you, you’re the magic that makes it happen! That little voice saying let’s give it a try. Yoga and Meditation are not a cult, nor a religion. Just you, just little ol’ you, giving yourself a bit of indulgence to stretch beyond your current space (in your head, in your cubicle and in your placement in this great universe). Don’t let that one overwhelm you.

Not new to all this? Wonderful. As you know, Yoga and Meditation are a practice, one that is never perfected. And that’s a good thing. It’s a continual evolution of you. And that is truly a wonderful life long journey as we all walk in this existence.

So here it is. Our Studio….the Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness. Located in the downtown area of Lomita, with ample parking, and yes a garden entrance. Please read through the pages of this site for our yoga and meditation schedules and book a class. Or just drop in. Arrive early before your class, there’s a reading room (yes really), stay late after class, there’s tea and infused ice water. We provide all the tools you need for you! That’s right, you! Just as we’d imagined. And wellness workshops and events, check out our schedule, join us, and take away something priceless: a little better, more relaxed, more focused, improved you.

Welcome and Namaste,

Susan & Karen

We had a vision.......and then we manifested.....and in less than 6 months, we opened our doors....