Our Garden continues to grow, in this case, in our ever-growing variety of workshops and events. Coined as our Weekend Wellness Workshops, these gatherings would be nothing without our hosts. We are very proud to share our friendship, and their biographies below.....

Bennie Mayberry is a Los Angeles based Numerologist. Since 2011, he's performed hundreds of intuitive Numerology charts readings across the nation and actively teaches Numerology through the Los Angeles Numerology Society. He specializes in Predictive & Pythagorean Numerology. He has been featured on many podcasts, blogs, spiritual centers and actively coaches and mentors people using Numerology. His book “The Numerology Planner” is slated for release in November 2016 and will help people tap into the knowledge of Predictive Numerology for achieving your dreams.

Chris Balzano is a sound creator/healer working with various modalities and instruments, ranging from Gongs, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drumming/Rattling, plus many other unique instruments from all over the world designed to help open & release blocks, patterns, or anything stuck energetically.

Claudia Bumuller’s journey of self-discovery started many years ago when I was a teenager living in Germany exploring a deeper meaning in her life and passion. As a child she always observing and studies people’s behavior. She studied psychology and human behavior and all di-eases and energy of people.
Her life changed when she started taking Yoga classes and become a Yoga teacher in 2006 and starting teaching at different locations in the South Beach Cities. She extended her knowledge with becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher and integrating it with her yoga classes.
Claudia strongly believes that individuals and society need to live in balance and harmony. The many challenges and experiences she has been presented with, both personally and professionally, have given her an inner strength and beauty. Her sessions and teachings are granted to initiate your own quest toward self-realization, encouraging you to move through limited beliefs. I am extended my knowledge with Reiki in Hospice, Cancer and in Hospitals. She witnesses the shift in our health care system with integration of Yoga, Reiki and Essential Oils.
As Claudia says “my purpose is to use my gifts and make an impact in somebody’s life journey.”

Danny Donayre is a certified life coach, transformational hypnotherapist, author & producer of inspirational media. His most recent book, 7 Years in 7 Days: A Life of Now, is a weekly-guided journal of original affirmations for inspired self-reflection and self-actualization. Danny co-produces a weekly FM talk show called Inner Journey with Greg Friedman, and co-hosts a weekly webcast called The Secret to Everything with Dr. Kimberly McGeorge. His latest creative project is an inspired collaboration with gifted teacher, healer & intuitive coach Angelica Tonatzin, called Magic Happens, a comprehensive platform of empowering media, live speaking, hosting, coaching & consulting.

Parameshwari (Deanna Galkin-Doran), CYT, YTRX-800C, E-RYT 500, has practiced Yoga since 1991. After completing her first teacher certification (200 hour) in 1995, she has taught classes, courses, and workshops on Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Marina del Rey. In addition, she is a graduate of the Prime of Life® and Yoga Therapy Rx Program including two clinical internship levels (2010 & 2014) at Loyola Marymount University. In 2011 she completed an internship at Tensegrity Yoga Therapy under the tutelage of Sherry Brourman, E-RYT and Physical Therapist. In 2012, Parameshwari became certified as a Yoga of Recovery® counselor and completed her 500 hour advanced teacher training. In the summer of 2013 she completed her Silver Age Yoga® certification and became certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor®. 

Prior to moving into teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics full time, Parameshwari (Deanna) worked at Verizon corporation for over 30 years, earning two business degrees while working full–time in a high stress environment doing project management, systems analysis, training, support and implementation. She has a well-founded understanding of the importance and benefits that stress management, mindfulness and yoga can bring both on and off the mat. Her passion is to use the healing techniques and principles of Yoga and Ayurveda to improve the well-being, body, mind, and spirit to anyone seeking relief from the human condition.

In addition to helping as a substitute teacher at our studio, Parameshwari hosts our Positive Thinking Workshop. 

Fabian Rodriguez is a wellness and lifestyle coach, sound healer and artist that specializes in creating a space for participants to find silence and harmony among today’s world of distractions. Through his unique methods of breath work, guided meditation, body movement and sound baths, you are guided on a personal journey of self-inquiry and beauty that will leave you transformed.

For further information and to stay connected, go to www.realizationnation.com 
FaceBook and Instagram: Realization Nation 

Jayden is a Psychic-Medium and the founder of The Alternative Healer. Jayden can contact your loved ones, animal friends, angels and guides in the spirit world. This helps heal and give you closure with your loved ones who have transitioned. He can also read your past, past lives, present and future. 

As a Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Crystal Healer & Shaman of “Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques” he will work with you at a cellular level. His guide Lord Ganesha has allowed and guided Jayden in unlocking energy blockages while re-balancing souls. He works with people from all over the globe who have illnesses including MS, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Cystic Fibrosis, Insomnia, Cancer, HIV or even illnesses that cannot be diagnosed. His use of Crystals allow him to gather even more detailed information needed to help with your healing process and/or guidance in life.

Jayden has traveled to over 96 Countries experiencing and learning many different techniques and rituals to heal and guide other souls. 

His many testimonials help describe his empathy, ability, and sensitivity. He promises to guide and help you with each of your issues to the best of his powers. Universal guides will allow and help you understand and develop your own abilities (if the root is there and if the universal guides allow). It is important you acknowledge your feelings. This is the first step to take the necessary actions you need to take back control of your life.

Spiritual Life Coach, teacher & motivational speaker, Jayden can help you make the life changes you need to make in order to bring love, peace, joy, harmony & abundance into your life. Are you ready to make changes? Call Jayden and ask him about his spiritual mentor-ship programs that will allow you to reach and unlock your next step on the ladder in spiritual growth.

In addition to hosting our Introduction to Crystals Workshop, Jayden is available for 30 and 60 minute private readings. Please contact the studio for details and appointments. 

Jennifer Crilley entered this world with special abilities and gifts.  As a youth, she realized that she was different, with knowledge beyond her years, and the ability of sensing into people and things known as Clairsentience.  Over the years these abilities were both beneficial and very painful as she experienced life she knew as Earth School.  As time passed, she made all attempts to follow the “American Dream” and “fit in” to the societal norms as she attended New York University, entered the workforce and traveled the world.  Yet these efforts left her less and less fulfilled.  Material objects, activities and travels failed to bring her the happiness and internal joy she so desired.  She then realized she must look within to achieve the inner balance and peace she so desperately desired. She consciously embarked on her Spiritual Journey which intimately connected her to her inner spirit, Soul's purpose and intuitive gifts.  

As part of her Spiritual Journey, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles and attended University of Santa Monica's MA program for Spiritual Psychology. She later met a highly respected mentor and teacher who helped further develop her extra sensory perceptions and abilities. Jennifer is a certified traditional Japanese Reiki Master and has studied other healing modalities such as Qigong, PSYCH-K, acupressure, Shamanic energy clearing and Soul retrieval.  From her personal experiences she was encouraged to expand her abilities to guide others on their own Spiritual Journey. Jennifer’s modalities include: 3rd degree Reiki Master, Qigong, Chakra Balancing, Entity Clearing, Past-Life Healing, Paradigm Shifts, Soul-Centered Intuitive Guidance, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient. She offers services in soul coaching, space clearing, baby soul reading, energy tune-up, remote sessions and transition assistance. 

Jennifer hosts workshops including Energy Clearing and Knowing Thyself Intuitively

Laura Lee’s main skill set in the field of esoteric sciences is Astrology. She not only provides natal chart readings, but can provide compatibility readings, solar returns and progressive charts. She has been a student of Astrology for over twenty years and reading professionally for over fifteen years.

In her search for truth and spiritual evolution, Laura discovered a love for the Tarot and combined with their symbolism and her psychic/clair-cognizant and empathic sensitivities, she provides advice and spiritual counseling for all life issues.

Laura’s passion is to empower people through internal connection and spiritual activism. Specializing in the activation of the Divine Feminine in both men and women, she strives to encourage balance. Her focus is to give her clients practical advice and something useful to take away from every session. 

Laura Weintraub
Laura Weintraub is an Intuitive Entrepreneur, Published Author, Speaker, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Passion Mentor. Her work has been published in Angel Visions II and Saved by an Angel by Doreen Virtue a leader in the self-help industry.  She is also the founder of the "Live Your Best Life Speaker Series" hosted at the Quiet Mind Bookstore at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Laurie Angress began her personal yoga journey in 1992, seeking the physical practice for low back pain relief and ended up discovering yoga’s holistic benefits – including a mental, physical, and emotional sense of well-being. Her journey into meditation and mindful practices inspires her to share these tools in addition to the physical practice. 

Laurie creates an environment for meditation that is safe and calming, encouraging students to welcome the breath with a sense of playfulness and curiosity. Laurie’s calm voice and will guide you toward connecting to your true nature and inner wisdom.  Meditation improves our ability to focus, self heal, reduce stress, and manage the variability of emotions and life!

Laurie is a Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT800C) graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a 800-hour certificate in August 2014.  Her Yoga Therapy training included an internship at the Venice Family Clinic working with patients experiencing chronic pain. Laurie is a Certified iRest /Yoga Nidra teacher-in-training (Integrative Restoration). She teaches Mindfulness and Meditation to adults and teens. She completed an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) through Insight LA in July 2013 and MBSR-Teen training in 2015. 

Linda Salazar is an in-demand speaker, author, and Certified Relationship Coach who specializes in helping women succeed in both their personal and professional lives through mastering the art of highly effective communications.

With her unique approach to uncovering clients’ personal relationship and communication styles, Linda helps open the door to understanding personal strengths and weaknesses in communication with others, an offers practical advice and direction on how to maximize strengths and approach areas of growth in a head-on way that is nothing short of transformative.

Linda’s deep knowledge of communication styles comes from years of experience using scientific hand analysis to solver her clients’ life and relationship issues, giving her a unique perspective that audiences find both refreshing and riveting.

Linda is the author of Awaken the Genie with in and Parents in Love: Reclaiming Intimacy After Your Child is Born. She has been featured on KCAL Channel 9 News, Parent Magazine, Women’s Faith and Spirit Magazine and the LA Times. 

Paul Fetler offers inspiring and multi-faceted workshops and classes that combine spiritually focused asana, energy exercises, and meditation. A gifted storyteller, he often interweaves with these modalities healing affirmations and yogic wisdom teachings.

Since 2005, he has been offering yoga classes weekly at the Ananda Meditation Center in Torrance. In addition, Paul also has been serving as an instructor of asana, meditation, and more recently yoga philosophy at Ananda LA since 2007. He's facilitated Learn to Meditate evening courses at Los Angeles Valley College and teaches ongoing asana flow classes at various gyms in the Hollywood area. A certified 200 Hours Ananda Yoga and Meditation instructor, he was in 2013 ordained an Ananda Minister by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi Novak.

Paul’s practice and way of teaching hatha yoga is both inwardly joyful and physically exhilarating- the goal is to awaken an uplifted spaciousness in body and mind. He can then guide students to go deeper still into the spiritual power of meditation. Paul respects each student’s needs, assisting them to find freedom in their inner and outer body. With caring support, he uses a flexible, individualized approach to help release tension, increase energy, tap into a childlike sense of exploration, and experience luminous beauty within.

Sabina Sandoval has recorded albums and played with some of the best in the business; from drumming with local all-female bands in Hermosa, to opening for such greats as Pat Benatar, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and more. But after 35 years of drumming, Sabina was re-invented as a drummer. Following a job related back injury, she was forced to give up her drum set and turned to a hand drum, the djembe.

She eventually created an after school enrichment program, "Free To Be Me Kool Kid Drummers", and now teaches in LAUSD, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach schools. Her non-profit, all volunteer organization, "Free To Be Me Drum Circle" goes into prisons, convalescent homes, schools and Hermosa Beach, every third Sunday of the month, for the past 12 years. Sabina helps teach individuals about their natural innate rhythm, and how to tap into it, celebrate their lives, be free and help each other one of the most powerful instruments in the world, the DRUM!

Stephanie Harris is a psychic/medium, professional Akashic Records Practitioner and a Spiritual Wellness Counselor, specializing in Akashic Records and Past Life Completion readings. Stephanie is also proficient in the use of Tarot. 

Accessing information on an energetic level, sessions with Stephanie facilitate a shift, and the release of energetic blocks, resulting in peace and solution with chronic, current life challenges. Sessions with Stephanie also allow the releasing of inherited dysfunctional/, detrimental or sabotaging patterns of consciousness that developed over previous lifetimes and no longer serve the individual in this life time.

She has been involved in Spiritual Studies and the Human Potential Movement for the past 30 years and is a California State Accredited Clairvoyant through the Clearsight Clairvoyant Training program, a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner through the Center for Akashic Studies and a California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor through CSUDH. Stephanie is also a Facilitator for the “Embracing Your Power Woman” course.

Stephanie has trained extensively with the following individuals; Hollister Rand, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh and Robert Brown; all four world renowned Psychic/Mediums. Barbara Schiffman; Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Advanced Practitioner. Shawn Randall; Internationally known Channel and Teacher. Carol Gurney; Professional Pet Communicator. Judy Nelson and Levanah Shell Bdolak; Instructors at Clearsight. Carrie Brooks; Creative Director at True Insight. Cody Edner; Owner of Intuitive Vision. Barbara Wilder; Acclaimed author of “Embracing Your Power Woman”.

Stephanie hosts Spirit Circles at the Garden! 

Sukhmani (Nicole Fagone) utilizes sound and the sound current by incorporating mantra and chanting meditation in her classes and Sound Bliss events (often with her band, Sukha) as well as the use of instruments such as gongs and crystal and quartz bowls to help restore the intrinsic state of balance in the body. Nicole also leads Kundalini at our studio.

ith the release of their first mantra-inspired album “Rise” in March of 2016, the rock band Sukha pioneered a new form of rock music that is inspired by Kundalini yoga .  “Rise” has become a creative and commercial success in yoga communities as well as with music lovers who enjoy lush, soaring vocals enriched by beautiful instrumentals.  Sukha is a husband and wife team, Sukhmani and Sukhman, that has performed for more than 300 yoga events and classes in the last year alone!  Sukha is often a unique part of Sukhmani's many Kundalini Yoga classes she teaches in Los Angeles and beyond.  Sukha formed officially in 2011, however, they have been playing music together in different settings since they met in 1998.  Their music has not only helped countless listeners enjoy and embrace Kundalini yoga, but has also earned acclaim from important yoga figures and music critics.

Valinda Cochella MA, E-RYT has been teaching Yoga in the South Bay of Los Angeles (www.SouthBayYoginis.com) for over 16 years and practicing for 22.
She is certified at the advanced levels in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and led 3 teacher trainings through Cloud Nine Yoga South Bay Branch.
She has a Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from UCLA and worked as a therapist for years.
She recently completed her 5th year of Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Transformation Series in Conscious Communication, Stress & Vitality, Mind & Meditation, Authentic Relationships & Life styles and Life cycles and presented for 3 years in a row at the South Bay Yoga Conference.
She can’t wait to share this life changing information with YOU!