#savasanasunday | Sleeping problems? You're not alone...

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The topic we’re covering this week is SLEEP! With the time change (did you guys all fall back today?), we get an extra hour of shut eye (or productivity…your choice, not judging). We came across this article on MindBodyGreen, a lifestyle online platform that wants you to live your best life (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc.).

source: pexels.com | pixabay.com

source: pexels.com | pixabay.com

According to the National institute of Neurological Disorders and Stoke, 40 million people in the US suffer from prolonged sleep issues (source). These sleep issues include trouble falling asleep, trouble staying sleep, quality of sleep, and even excessive sleep (apparently there is too much of a good thing). Sleep is a very important part of our lives. It’s like our body’s reset button. It gets everything ready for the next day as well as helping us process and put behind what happened today.

MindBodyGreen gave us 10 doctor approved tips to getting better sleep. Everything from removing your phone from the bedroom (beware blue light) to checking your diet. There are many things you can do to hit the reset button on your sleep; here are some of the quicker fixes:

  1. Bye phone! Take the phone out of the bedroom - its so hard…we are such digital creatures these days whether it be scrolling Instagram for a while or simply reading articles via the web. While removing your phone full might be a challenge for some (especially if you use it for your alarm), another thing you can do would be to grab a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Long story short, our digital devices emit a blue light that prompts our brain to stay awake. We look at our phone, shut it off, turn off the lights and somehow can’t get to sleep even though it’s way past our bedtime. While our eyes might be tired our brain is awake and ready to go. Grabbing a pair or two of these blue light blocking glasses can help to reduce strain and wakefulness when browsing in bed. More about blue light glasses here.

  2. Let the light in - I’m sure we have all memories about our parents or loved ones throwing the shades open bight and early in the AM. Well, we should thank them! From sitting inside all day to turning on every light in the house at night, our body is missing those clues that differentiate daytime from nighttime making it hard for our brain to tell our body to chill and go to sleep. Try opening the shades in the morning to let the sun in…even if you open them and lay back down for 15 minutes. And at night, make sure you lower the brightness on screens and start making your room or house darker as a whole. Your energy bill might like this too!

  3. Wind down - GO GO GO is the motto of the 21st century. Try making a calming bedtime routine. Everyone is different so make sure you dig deep to find what keeps you at peace and makes your mind (and body) go ahhhhh. Ours would include no TV one hour before bedtime (bye house hunting shows), a cup of SleepyTime tea , some pillow spray, and a great book.

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