One of our biggest assets at GGIW Yoga is truly our wonderful group of certified, professional teachers offering intention based yoga and meditation classes. Just find a session that peaks your interest and take that leap of faith! Our thoughtful, kind and respectful teachers will work with you with verbal suggestions as well as demonstrating modifications to embrace, inspire, further your level of practice.

* great place for beginners

* Beginning/Intro (Taught by Stefanosis)
This beginning/intro class is a great place to start, return to, or continue on your yoga journey, no matter age, gender or experience. Students will be encouraged to explore with a sense of curiosity as they are guided through a balanced yoga practice. We will harmonize the body and mind as we move through an intelligent practice including guided meditation, breathwork, and creative sequencing of physical postures. Expect to leave the class feeling blissed out, stretched out, and grounded. 

*Foundation Flow Yoga (Taught by Lynn & Shar) 
In this class we will do full sun salutations, standing and balancing poses, seated postures and inversions. You will be challenged in a safe way to become stronger and focus on the breath. We will also practice basic pranayama. This is open to all levels.

Gentle Flow (Taught by Maureen)
This class combines traditional hatha yoga with healing yoga therapy techniques for unique gentle flow yoga that fully integrates the mind and breath with movement. The level of difficulty and intensity is attuned to the individuals in each class and refined constantly throughout the practice. Great starting place for beginners as well as intermediate students.

Gentle Hatha (Taught by Jenni)
This class incorporates stretches, poses (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation, and relaxation with an emphasis on finding balance.  Options are offered, and the use of props is taught and encouraged.  Gain increased flexibility, greater strength, a quieter mind, and improved overall well-being.  All levels welcome.

*Gentle Yin & Sound Yoga (Taught by Stafanosis)
A slow, deep stretch class to wind down the evening. The first portion of the class includes Yin yoga style postures to gently release tension in muscles, joints and fascia-tissue. Once the body is in a more relaxed state of being, large Tibetan singing bowls are gonged on various parts of the body. Some classes will include ancient, healing mantras in Sanskrit as well. The result is greater flexibility, stress reduction and deeper relaxation.

Hatha Yoga (Taught by Linda)
Start your weekend with an open, playful and exploratory Hatha Yoga practice every Saturday morning! Linda will lead you in a unique and energetic series of postures and sequences, exploring the depths and nuances of the breath as naturally linked with movement in fun and playful variations, emphasizing a happy and heart based practice.  All levels are welcome but some experience is recommended.

*Integration (Taught by Maureen)
This class will inspire openness and strength no matter your current level of practice. The postures, breathing, relaxation, and meditation are taught classically and in a practical way that will help bring synchronicity and balance to people’s lives. If the body is strong and flexible, the nervous system will be relaxed; the breath will be smooth; and the mind will be calm and clear.
Maureen might integrate very freeing deep breathing lung opener using Qi Gong, tai chi, neurological warm up and use of props such as blocks or straps to explore a deeper understanding of one's personal range of motion. 

*Intro to Meditation (Taught by Bir Jiwan)

  • Have you been asked by your doctor to learn to mediate for you health? 
  • Do you envy the peace and wellbeing of those mediation practitioner and yogis?
  • Want that meditators glow?

This is your class! We will learn the basics of meditation in a fun and easy way.  An all levels course great for beginners. We will use scientifically proven methods to get you relaxed and focused!  Immune function, chronic illness such as heart and breathing issues can be alleviated, muscle tension, anxiety, depression and stress also can be reduced. You will learn great tools to become chill in 3 minutes. 
We will explore several mediation techniques so that you can choose the right practice for you. Breath work, focus, sound, guided meditation, relaxation techniques, movement will be used at a beginner's level to find peace within and without in you work, home and relationships and soul  These meditation will be peaceful, easeful and useful for all areas of you life.

*Intro to Yoga Basics (Taught by Shar)
This Intro to Yoga Basics is the perfect place to start your yoga experience or revisit yoga if it's been a while, or maybe you just haven't found 'the' yoga style for you. You'll learn proper posture and form for basic beginning poses such as warrior, down dog and child's pose as well as breathing techniques creating a foundation to build upon. This highly interactive class is a great place to ask questions, meet other 'newbies' and find that confidence on the mat! Absolutely no experience required, just easy to move in clothing, an open mind/heart and a smile! Bring a friend and find your place in the ever expanding practice of yoga. 

Kundalini Yoga (Taught by Sukhmani) 
Kundalini Yoga is a 5,000-year-old system of yogic exercises and meditation that is designed to give you a “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. Kundalini yoga is based on kriyas, or specially formulated sets of exercises that strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system for optimum physical and emotional health.  It is very precise.  It also deeply incorporates breathing techniques (pranayama) which help in processing emotions and feelings, relieving stress, toxins, and developing concentration. Finally, mantra (sound, or Naad Yoga) and meditation techniques are also integrated which work to direct and discipline the mind. The practice of this yoga offers powerful tools for developing one’s own higher consciousness and increasing wellbeing, vitality, and connectedness to life.

Move-Ex (Taught by Tracy)
The secret to vitality and longevity is movement.  Movement Exploration, or MoveEx, is a practice designed to challenge your body and brain with creative and dynamic motion.  The yoga based practice implements diverse elements, props, textures and challenges in a playful, community setting.  Benefits include increased mobility, strength, stability, dexterity, balance and overall whole-body awareness. 
Move across boundaries to witness a new insight and relationship with your body and your unlimited potential and capacity for strength and deep healing.

Starting Strong (Taught by Maureen)
An intuitive and compassionate exploration of the body, mind, and spirit through long-held stretches, hatha yoga postures, core stability exercises, deep contemplations, pranayama, meditation, and restoration.

*Therapeutic Flow (Taught by Maureen)
Ease tension & tightness in the body with gentle therapeutic yoga stretches and practices to support your well-being.  Feel free to share with me any health issues with our Certified Yoga Therapist, and appropriate modifications can be made to best serve you. The class finishes with a deep relaxation and light meditation. Leave class relaxed and renewed.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. 

 *Yoga Therapeutics (Taught by Maureen)
This class is a healing, physically slower approach to yoga. The starting point is what is comfortably possible for the practitioner. Postures are modified as necessary and tailored to individual needs and physical capabilities. Great place for beginners to jump in, or regular yogis to continue

* great place for beginners