It's baaaaack!!! Our 2nd Annual

Metaphysical MeetUp
(aka our METMU) 

Sunday, June 3rd 2018, 11:00am-4:30pm

Drop by our biggest event of the year! Our unique open house featuring many different modalities of wellness, metaphysics, community and fun! Visit a tarot card reader, an aura reader, experience reiki, chair massage, chakra balancing, tribal paint, learn about essential oils, crystals, your akashic records or runes. Talk with our wellness and healthy foods folks, take part in some hands on crafting. Pick up some handcrafted goods and comfy apparel. Meet our wonderfully encouraging certified yoga and mat pilates teachers, wellness practitioners, local vendors and artisans, and so much more! 

We're hosting FREE Drop-In Classes through out the day. A great way to get a little snippet of the classes we offer at GGIW and the amazing teachers that give so much of themselves everytime they meet you on the mat!

11:00am Strength, Stretch & Serenity with Leeann Carey
12:00pm Praya Vini Yoga with Maureen Davis & Karun
1:00pm Gentle Hatha with Jenni Green
2:00pm Mat Pilates with Patty Goeppner
3:00pm Soundbowl Sampling with Stefanosis & Jussara
4:00pm Re-LEG-zation with Becky Tortorice

Several of our vendors are offering mini workshops. Please be sure to check out these uniques offerings:

11:00am At Heart & Crown Reiki Booth: Ground that Sh**. Crystals for grounding, clearing and protection
12:30pm At the main Community Workshop Table: Join Zenseer for a free Runic Introduction & Meditation
12:30pm Knuckelhead Ranch Booth: Free Achy Muscle Essential Oil Blend Make and Take- Learn how to make an oil blend using 100% pure AND therapeutic grade essential oils. This blend is great to use on sore muscles after a workout!
1:00pm Hear & Crown Reiki Booth: Crystals to open and align the heart and crown chakras, helping us connect to our Divine purpose of living in love.
1:30pm Choose Herbs 4 Health Booth:  "Is Your Fast-Paced lifestyle causing Unhealthy Digestion?"  We are now eating better foods, but Linda will  share simple suggestions on how to absorb the nutrients by proper digestion and elimination. Free Chat
2:30pm Knuckelhead Ranch Booth: Free Achy Muscle Essential Oil Blend Make and Take - Learn how to make an oil blend using 100% pure AND therapeutic grade essential oils. This blend is great to use on sore muscles after a workout!
3:30pm At the main Community Workshop Table: Claudia Bumuller is hosting a free lecture and Reiki Demo about the benefits of learning Reiki. 7 Steps how to Manifest Your Dreams with Reiki. 
On-Going at Danny Donayre's Booth: Intention Setting Mini-Workshop and brief guided meditations.

We are so happy and humbled by the diverse vendors joining us! Read on.....and check back often as more vendors are announced....

Heart & Crown Reiki will be offering a curated selection of Reiki infused crystals and handcrafted selenite wands at various adoption rates. A sign up sheet will be available for one-on-one 15 minute offerings for $20 with crystal Reiki master Jaimie Michael. Choice of:

  • Reiki Tribal Marking Ritual - receive your unique, intuitively channeled tribal mark to seal in your heart's intentions and manifest your dreams with Tribal Markers (temporary 2-3 day non-toxic pigments) during a Reiki power session

  • Center with a 3 Card Reading, connecting you to your highest self and Source through the guidance of Oracle cards.

Danny Donayre Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Author
Danny is offering his new book of daily quotes at a special discounted price
Event Special: 20 minute phone coaching sessions, and hourly coaching sessions at a reduced rate of $40/hour 
Drop by his booth for a free intention setting workshop table & offering brief guided meditations 

Silly Yogi Apparel & Accessories
East Meets West colorful lifestyle inspired by the roots of yoga. Silly Yogi creates beautifully handcrafted artisan clothing to support local Nepalese, Indian, and Indonesian artisans in the hopes of creating a greater appreciation for ethnic, bohemian, and yoga inspired fashions.

Kale & Coconuts
This wonderful company offer delicious, fresh, healthy, and organic meals made locally and delivered to your door step.  All items are priced a la carte on the menu that changes each week, providing a wide selection of entrees, soups, salads, and healthy snack and treats.

Herbs 4 Life -Nutrition from the Ground Up
Eating balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day, every day, can be challenging, even for the healthiest person. This is why Linda put together her herbal formulation:
Event Special: Optimal Herbal Health Package (save 10%) which consists of a Plant-based Protein Powder/ Colon Cleanser/ and Multivitamins: 

  • Feed your body with good nutrition

  • Remove the toxins that cause imbalance

  • Strengthen the immune system to improve overall good health.

Knuckelhead Ranch Aromatherapy
Pet products, diffuser jewelry and calming bandanas to ease and relax or furry best friend in a holistic and safe way. Come by Jessie’s booth to check out ways to pamper your furry family holistically!!
Event Special: Get a free sample of oil (your choice of oil) with any purchase of diffuser jewelry

Zafuko Yoga and Meditation Pillows
Eco Friendly, 100% Kapoc inner, light but strong pillows, offering stability and support. 

Mendhi Designs
These lovely friends are offering custom henna body art! What better way to enjoy your day than with a little henna!

ReikiMassage by Christina Ng
Artist, Elemental Integrator, and ReikiMassage Therapist
 As a survivor of traumatic brain injuries with one blind eye, Christina is a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing and self-care that addresses all aspects of mind, body, soul, and the emotional core.

Offering free 7min samples of ReikiMassage ($1/min after 7 minutes, up to 20mins max).

Event Special: Complimentary 1/4oz sample bottle of FES Flower Essence free to first-time clients booking a ReikiMassage session with Christina.  (Offer expires August 30, 2018.)

Oceanic Healing
Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. Sade says ‘I am here to live my own life, and live it passionately. Oceanichealing serves as a vessel to project my passions, as a healer and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this world. To show you my life and what I am capable of is to show you your life and what you are capable of. I provide numerous of services to guide you in any path you have decided to take. Allow me to show you the magic you are fully capable of attaining on earth.’

Tarot card reading
Free Career and Passion Worksheet Activity
H.E.L.P. tool for life:

  • H stands for hear

  • E stands for evaluate

  • L stands for listen

  • P stands for perspective

This simple way of communication can assist you with anything you might be going through on a weekly basis. Sade will be helping you and guiding you through a step by step process in order for you to gain the confidence you need to proceed with your life with ease.
Event Special: Ask Sade for a complimentary worksheet to guide yourself through a situation or problem

Kamala: Art for Your Spirit
Blessed by the monks, the pendants and beads incorporated into necklaces and bracelets have traveled from Thailand, India and Nepal.

Ms Esoteric Addict by Whitney. Crystal wrapped pendants, jewelry, artisan soaps, painted rocks and other unique artsy items as a way to promote to various spiritual and alternative life paths along with health/wellness. 

Event Special: 15% off any purchase

Realization Nation
In addition to offering Tibetan singing bowls, dream catchers and malas, Fabian is offering sessions of a personalized gong sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls on the body; 15 minutes $30, 30 minutes $40. Physical alignment and soft stretching included. 

REIKI Heart Healings with Sound Healing by Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Claudia Bumuller, with over 10 years experience.

Event Special: Mini Chakra Energy Balancing & Soul Card Readings at her booth for $10

Jayden, the Alternative Healer

Jayden is a Spiritual Life Coach, a Shaman Psychic-Medium and the founder of The Alternative Healer. Jayden can contact your loved ones, animal friends, Angels and Guides in the spirit world. This helps heal and give you closure with your loved ones who have transitioned. He can also read your past, past lives, present and future. Jayden will also be offering crystals, candles and shaman spell herbs. 

Jayden is offering Tarot Card Reading and Shamanic Healing Shop $1 for 1 minute card reading

Ancient Healing Arts with Jennifer "Zenseer" Weinstein Runic Divination, Runic Energy Healing & Shamanic/Folk Herbalism

Zenseer is self taught Shamanic/Folk herbalist (European tradition) who's been using healing herbs for the past 20 years. Her interest goes beyond traditional herbalism; using herbs in vibrationally to treat emotions & energetic imbalances as well. She also a Seidu, somebody who uses the Runes (an ancient alphabet with a very strong energetic signature) in a variety of modalities. 
Zenseer is offering: 

  • Runes & Oracular Readings

  • Herbal and/or Vibrational Remedies

  • Shamanic Egg Cleansing

Madame Pompadour Salon , inside Retro Reload

Event Special: $10 braids from 12-3:30pm

Glitter parts available 

Inner Bliss Essentials is a handcrafted and one of a kind collection of aromatherapy ceramic diffuser jewelry with healing crystals and gemstones. Each unique necklace receives the powerful healing vibration of the sound current of sacred mantras during it’s creation.

AutumnSky Adornments offers a creative assortment delicate beadwork, faery flower crowns, and other fine handmade whimsiesMore information 

Morgen Ritum offers wonderful and insightful faerie card readings. She is offering 15 minutes readings for a donation of your comfort level. Suggested donation $1.00 per minute. 

Nirvana Massage
Come experience Nirvana as these two incredible certified massage therapist (Ana & Suzette) apply therapeutic touch to the area needed most (up to 8 min) all for a love donation. They will have a chair and table to accommodate whatever your needs are. There will also be a raffle held for an in office massage! 

Come as you are leave as you want to be... Nirvavna

Pipe & Thimble Bookstore is offering unique Indie books, handmade items, seeds from their store garden, and more. 

Aura Photos by Linda Renkowski
Linda's goal is to give every person in the world the opportunity to see and explore their Aura; to promote and encourage people to practice Energy Awareness and Healing, of the body, mind and spirit; to educate as many people as possible about Energy, Emotions, Mind-Body Connections in a fun and interactive way.
Linda is offering Aura Photography for $25 per person, or $15 for dogs and cats

Amber Rose
Amber Rose is offering numerology and metaphysical advice via divine interjection.
Event Special: $5 for an intro reading.

Cata Cruz
 Cata is offering her soulful creations: wirewrapped pendants and necklaces made of natural gemstones, earrings and some bracelets too, medicine bags, pouches for tarot cards, scarves, some beach bags and crystals. 

Stephanie Harris
The Akashic Records are the energetic records of everything your soul has ever experienced since its creation. Stephanie uses the 'Pathway Prayer Process' and your legal name to access the Heart of your Akashic Record where energetic healing takes place. 
Event Special: One-on-One Akashic Records Introduction, 15 minutes for $10.

Check out this video (above) for more about our METMU!

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Please note..vendors subject to change without notice