Becky received her yoga teacher training RYT 200 certification from Rosie Good at Yoga Bindu studio in San Pedro in 2007.  For the next few years she subbed pranayama, all levels, and gentle classes when needed. In 2013, she was deeply honored when Rosie allowed her to take over the Gentle Beginning hatha yoga class, which she continued to teach every Wednesday until the studio closed its doors in 2017.

Along the way, she also received training by Leann Carey and is certified to teach Yapana yoga, a very restorative form of yoga using props to "bring the pose" to the student.

Becky's yoga practice began when, at the age of 49, she decided it was time to learn yoga if she was going to reach her goal of being a spry old lady at 80. That was fourteen years ago and she's still on that path. As she's gotten older, her practice has evolved into a more relaxed phase. For that reason, she likes teaching a slower stretch class, moving the body gently in all directions, concentrating on calming the breath and the mind, and achieving deep relaxation.

Becky's favorite pose is viparita karani (legs up the wall), but she also love twists and all reclining poses. She believes that being able to just stop, breathe, stretch, and find your center for an hour is invaluable to our overall health and well being.


Jenni first practiced yoga as a teenager with her Mom in the dining room.  It didn't really mean much to her at the time....but as with many yogis, some twenty some years later after the birth of her second child, she found her way back to the mat.  After years of different classes with increasing levels of commitment and curiosity she entered a Cloud Nine Teacher Training Program.  She recently completed that course and is very excited about her path.  Jenni says, "Yoga has helped me so much with increasing flexibility and strength, managing pain, and improving overall health and well-being!"  She believes that yoga should be more accessible to a wide range of students and that most people could benefit from a yoga practice which meets them where they are.


"With gratitude, I stand on the shoulders of all my teachers. They have shared with me an abundance of knowledge and experience that has inspired me to explore and share the path of yoga with others."

Yoga found Leeann in the late 1970's and hasn't left her since. She is the author of Restorative Yoga Therapy: The Yapana Way to Self-Care & Well-Being, that reaches the next plateau in the art of restorative yoga technique and practice. In 1993, Leeann opened the first full-service yoga studio in the South Bay, where she developed important skills for operating a successful "yoga business", and went on to create a teacher training school and the Yapana restorative yoga therapy program.

Her eclectic blend of yoga forged over many years of study, shares that knowledge today, both personally and through the many teachers she has trained. Leeann has mastered the traditional techniques and developed new approaches to serve and support any student - young or old, fit or physically challenged - to enrich their lives in body, mind, and spirit. She has applied her knowledge and experience to the help professional athletes, including the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers and Olympic Gold  Medal Volleyball player, Eric Fonoimoana, heal from injuries and improve their workouts and sports performance.

Her expertise is sought after for both her technical knowledge and compassion for her students and their well-being. She is kindly referred to by many as "the teacher's teacher". 

lorrie denning

Lorrie began practicing Yoga over 10 years ago on the recommendation of a neurologist to help with chronic pain.    As her body began to respond to the Yoga practice, she became interested in becoming a Yoga instructor.  She received her 200 hr. Yoga certification from YogaWorks in 2015.

With her passion to teach yoga to the “Baby Boomer” and midlife population, she continued her studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.  In March 2016, she received her credential to teach Prime of Life Yoga™ (POLY).

POLY is a specialty Yoga class with a specific focus on midlife and beyond. Postures are adapted to meet the needs of each student.  Her classes offer self-care techniques in a slow, mindful way to help relieve stress, common aches and pains, and to safely bring the body and mind back into balance. 
Lorrie is currently working on her YTRX-500 in Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

She is also a Certified Chair Yoga instructor and has specialized training to teach individuals with arthritis.
She offers small group and private lessons.
Her passion is to bring the healing side of Yoga to her students.
**please note: Lorrie is on hiatus until late summer. We miss her dearly and hope she hurries back to the garden soon!**

R.S. Karun Kumar

R S Karun Kumar holds a Masters Degree in Yoga from Tamil Nadu Sports and Physical Education University and is a Certified Sivananda Teacher. As a professional athlete he found his way to yoga due to the stress and tension as a goalkeeper. In his off season from soccer, he was the lead teacher for Sivananda Yoga Center in Rishikesh Utterkashi and Trivandrum, India. There he trained well up to 150 aspiring teachers at a time.

His classes are based on traditional Hatha Yoga (the real yoga) that originated in India. It combines physical asana with pranayama (breath) for a building deep inner strength and relaxation of the body and mind.

When he is not teaching yoga, Karun coaches soccer in the South Bay. He enjoys biking, music, and is a collector of vintage motorcycles, and antiques.

Maureen Davis

Maureen Davis is a highly trained and skilled practitioner, working in a wide variety of healing modalities. She is a yoga teacher with an RYT 200 certification from Yoga Alliance, & has been a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists since 2005. In addition, Maureen is a certified YTRX-C 800 graduate of Loyola Marymount University. She has been a pioneer of Yoga Therapy since its inception, participating in LMU’s first Yoga Therapy Certification Program. Maureen worked 3 years in an Integrated Wellness Clinic as a Yoga Therapist, collaborating with other healthcare practitioners in the treatment of individual patients, & contributing to the development of treatment plan protocols within the clinic. In 2007, Maureen developed her own Yoga DVD through her company Makara Yoga. She has recorded a Yoga Nidra DVD, a powerful tool in the treatment & healing of patients suffering from PTSD, Migraines, Hypertension & Stress.

In 2009 Maureen opened her own studio, teaching classes primarily in Hatha Yoga. She has created & developed specific Yoga Therapeutics classes &programs for a wide variety of injuries & taught at studios all over the South Bay area of Los Angeles. 

Maureen is a practitioner of Aware-apy, a technique created by Dr. Bernard Gunther, PhD. Dr. Gunther a pioneer & a seminal influence in the ‘new age movement’, working in the early days at Esalen, & created the renowned “Esalen Massage”. Maureen studied with Dr. Gunther for 21 years, as he developed ‘Aware-apy’ process, becoming his protégé. Now Maureen consults with many of his clients, continuing this valuable & ground breaking work.

In 2012, at the request of Dr. Anne Peters, Director of the USC Clinical Diabetes Program, Maureen created a ‘Chair Yoga’ DVD which brought Yoga to patients suffering from diabetes, unable to perform standard yoga asanas due to physical limitations. The program is hugely successful. The DVD was used in the ‘LookAHEAD’ research for the National Association of Diabetes, distributed worldwide.

Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Dr. Gunther, Maureen has published articles in IAYT Journal & Yoga Journal. Maureen received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” at Loyola Marymount’s 10 Year YOGA RX Anniversary event.


After many years of formal ballet training, personal practice in Hatha Yoga and exploration of Barre training, Patty gravitation toward Pilates was a natural one. Pilates incorporated many elements from her former exercise experience and just made perfect sense. After her career in the financial planning industry, change was in the air; it was time to commit to wellness both as a passion and a profession. Pilates was the perfect fit. Patty began formal training in late 2016 through a teacher training program affiliated with the Pilates Method Alliance, receiving Pilates Teacher Training Certificate in early 2017. 

Patty continues to train and will obtain her reformer Teacher Training Certificate by the end of 2017 with the guidance of a Master Pilates Teacher. Pilates practice is initiated and fueled by breath, much attention is paid to form and control and a heavy emphasis is placed on building and maintaining a strong core. A strong core directly impacts our balance and enables our body and its systems, circulation, muscles and bones to work together as they were intended. 

Patty considers herself an innovative Pilates Teacher, constantly exploring her field and continuing her education so that she will deliver a class that is fun, never the same but always with a strong focus on the original Pilates foundation developed so many years ago by its founder, Joseph Pilates. 

Stefanosis Singh

Stefanosis discovered yoga in 2008 while going to the gym with his wife. He didn’t care for the workout machines, but he loved the yoga class and developed a home-practice.

In 2014, he completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in Culver City, California with renowned Laughing-Lotus teacher Kate Duyn Cariati at GODA Yoga studio. His preferred teaching style is Yin yoga, which is slow, deep stretching with breath and contemplation. He also considers himself a Naad (sound) yogi. As a percussionist, his teaching style is very rhythmic oriented, combining meditative music and movement, influenced by Kundalini-style. When not doing yoga, he enjoys playing various instruments, including harmonium, percussion, and his collection of Himalayan singing bowls. Stefanosis is a level 2 sound-healer under Master Satya Brat from India, and the west coast coordinator for Satya's sound-healing workshops. 

Registered Yoga Teacher—Yoga Alliance, RYT 200
YogaEd- Childrens Yoga w. Brynne Caleda, 32 hrs
Yin Yoga with eRYT Melissa Christensen, 10 hrs
IASH - Certified Sound Healer, level 2

Tracy Learned

I am a student of my body, and my yoga journey began over 17 years ago while training for a marathon. Hoping yoga would help me recover from long runs, my expectations were far exceeded when I experienced the many benefits of connecting breath, body and mind. Starting with YogaFit certification in 2010 I’ve remained active in learning with over 1,400 hours of training & education, earning teaching certifications from AFPA, YogaWorks, Cloud Nine, CorePower, YogaTuneUp and Quantum Leap movement science education with physical therapist Sarah Court. The Move Your DNA workshop created by biomechanist Katy Bowman is one that really fueled my current passion continues to inspire my teaching style. I'm a workshop junkie I'm strongly influenced by other movement disciplines and biomechanics and have had the privilege of taking trainings with some well known and current professionals to increase my knowledge and movement sophistication for myself and my students. My current yoga-based approach to teaching movement is a a multi-dimensional, primal, fun and sustainable practice geared towards enhancing strength, physical longevity, brain plasticity through novel movement, and self-care.


Claudia Bumuller

Claudia Bumuller’s journey of self-discovery started many years ago when I was a teenager living in Germany exploring a deeper meaning in her life and passion. As a child she always observing and studies people’s behavior. She studied psychology and human behavior and alldi-eases and energy of people.
Her life changed when she started taking Yoga classes and become a Yoga teacher in 2006 and starting teaching at different locations in the South Beach Cities. She extended her knowledge with becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher and integrating it with her yoga classes.
Claudia strongly believes that individuals and society need to live in balance and harmony. The many challenges and experiences she has been presented with, both personally and professionally, have given her an inner strength and beauty. Her sessions and teachings are granted to initiate your own quest toward self-realization, encouraging you to move through limited beliefs. I am extended my knowledge with Reiki in Hospice, Cancer and in Hospitals. She witnesses the shift in our health care system with integration of Yoga, Reiki and Essential Oils.
As Claudia says “my purpose is to use my gifts and make an impact in somebody’s life journey.”


Jayden is a Psychic-Medium and the founder of The Alternative Healer. Jayden can contact your loved ones, animal friends, angels and guides in the spirit world. This helps heal and give you closure with your loved ones who have transitioned. He can also read your past, past lives, present and future. 

As a Massage Therapist, Intuitive, Crystal Healer & Shaman of “Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques” he will work with you at a cellular level. His guide Lord Ganesha has allowed and guided Jayden in unlocking energy blockages while re-balancing souls. He works with people from all over the globe who have illnesses including MS, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Cystic Fibrosis, Insomnia, Cancer, HIV or even illnesses that cannot be diagnosed. His use of Crystals allow him to gather even more detailed information needed to help with your healing process and/or guidance in life.

Jayden has traveled to over 96 Countries experiencing and learning many different techniques and rituals to heal and guide other souls. 

His many testimonials help describe his empathy, ability, and sensitivity. He promises to guide and help you with each of your issues to the best of his powers. Universal guides will allow and help you understand and develop your own abilities (if the root is there and if the universal guides allow). It is important you acknowledge your feelings. This is the first step to take the necessary actions you need to take back control of your life.

Spiritual Life Coach, teacher & motivational speaker, Jayden can help you make the life changes you need to make in order to bring love, peace, joy, harmony & abundance into your life. Are you ready to make changes? Call Jayden and ask him about his spiritual mentor-ship programs that will allow you to reach and unlock your next step on the ladder in spiritual growth.

In addition to hosting our Introduction to Crystals Workshop, Jayden is available for 30 and 60 minute private readings. Please contact the studio for details and appointments. 


Juliane Renée is from New York and a world traveler. She has travelled and resided in Los Angeles in her 20’s. At the age of 30, she decided to take a leap of faith abroad to live in the Land Down Under, Australia. Juliane holds a BA in Holistic Health Science and working towards her PhD as a Holistic Doctor. Education has always been a passion to study in the holistic arena. She is a certified Life and Relationship Coach through Tony Robbins. She is also a  Medium, Energy Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

For decades, Juliane Renée has used her extraordinary gifts to help grieving families communicate with their loved ones in heaven, has given clarity and great insights to guide people in a direction where people seemed lost, and hopeless. A humble, natural-born medium, she has been communicating with spirits since childhood.

She has 25 years experience working in the holistic corporate wellness arena, as well as the coaching industry. She is a certified Trainer at Oneness University. Her work expands from The United States to Australia, where she founded the highly successful Nirvana Wellness Centre in South Australia.

She transforms peoples lives through life and relationship coaching and energy healing. She is passionate about helping people optimise their own inner potential. Juliane Renée's offerings at the garden include: Channel Mediumship, Access Bars, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Chakra Dance, Psychic Development Certification, Manifesting Life's Purpose, Abundance & Wealth, Becoming A Blessing Giver, Angel Card Reading Certification, Creating Vision Boards and more! Contact GGIW for more details and pricing. 

Morgen Ritum

Morgen Sunshine as we call her is hosting private oracle card readings in the garden. Morgen acts as a bridge between you and the Divine to bring forth your potential and help you through spiritual transitions. She translates the messages in a clear way giving practical advice to awaken the higher plane. With over 15 years of experience reading both personally and professionally, Morgen specializes in helping you reach your next level.
30 minutes $35, 60 minutes $60      

Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris is a psychic/medium, professional Akashic Records Practitioner and a Spiritual Wellness Counselor, specializing in Akashic Records and Past Life Completion readings. Stephanie is also proficient in the use of Tarot. 

Accessing information on an energetic level, sessions with Stephanie facilitate a shift, and the release of energetic blocks, resulting in peace and solution with chronic, current life challenges. Sessions with Stephanie also allow the releasing of inherited dysfunctional/, detrimental or sabotaging patterns of consciousness that developed over previous lifetimes and no longer serve the individual in this life time.

She has been involved in Spiritual Studies and the Human Potential Movement for the past 30 years and is a California State Accredited Clairvoyant through the Clearsight Clairvoyant Training program, a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner through the Center for Akashic Studies and a California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor through CSUDH. Stephanie is also a Facilitator for the “Embracing Your Power Woman” course.

Stephanie has trained extensively with the following individuals; Hollister Rand, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh and Robert Brown; all four world renowned Psychic/Mediums. Barbara Schiffman; Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Advanced Practitioner. Shawn Randall; Internationally known Channel and Teacher. Carol Gurney; Professional Pet Communicator. Judy Nelson and Levanah Shell Bdolak; Instructors at Clearsight. Carrie Brooks; Creative Director at True Insight. Cody Edner; Owner of Intuitive Vision. Barbara Wilder; Acclaimed author of “Embracing Your Power Woman”.

Stephanie hosts Spirit Circles at the Garden!