Love Stefanosis and wife... I had a first class of them and I totally fell in love. Smell of incense, beautiful little garden, clean studio, very kind receptionist, friendly students, everything is so nice and peaceful. Beautiful energy flows in the studio. Under the warm cozy light, Stefanosis's calm voice instructed us to the gentle postures with explanations of philosophy and physiology. He has a very deep knowledge, with that being said. The music his wife made took us to deeper relaxation. It was an amazingly beautiful first yoga experience. I sleep so well after the class, and now it is my life routine.
B.T., Client

Had my first class today with Maureen. She was amazing. Definitely returning to better my health and my overall being.
J.F., Client

The Garden of Grace, Intention, & Wellness

Wonderful atmosphere and welcoming. I love it and planning to recruit more of my yoga friends to this place.
E.T., Client

One of my favorite yoga studios in the area. They have so many different classes and there is just good energy as soon as you walk in.
C.M., Client

My experience at GGIW has been such a positive one. This is my first time trying yoga and thanks to the amazing instructors and owners I will continue to attend as often as I can. I would (and do) recommend GGIW to anyone of any level in their yoga practice. The studio and garden are lovely. l Thank you to everyone at GGIW! Namaste!
C.C., Client

My new happy place (away from home). I come here so emotionally and physically drained after giving my all to my two small kids all day. I leave completely refreshed every time~ and released of all the tension I've built up in my muscles throughout the day. Can't say enough good things! Thank you/namaste
C.L., Client

I can't believe I haven't written a review for GGIW until now! This is truly one of the most AMAZING gems in the South Bay and I've been taking classes since they opened their doors in June.  The remarkable thing about GGIW is how it bridges the gap between the fitness-oriented and spalike type of studios  (both of which type I've patronized for years). This studio is other worldly with its calming garden entrance, floating curtains and padded floors. Karen and Susan have embued the space with their love and I enjoy just hanging out in the lounge area enjoying the fruit-infused water. The classes lean more toward beginning and gentle practice with an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of yoga practice. It's exactly what I need in my currently stressed out life!  The class schedule is still in its infancy, but new offerings are being added and the  special workshops are a nice touch. If you need more peace in your life, stop by and sample one if the lunchtime stretch classes (30 min)  or buy the convenient 6 class pack and you can take any of thr 1 hr classes. Mats and a wide variety of props are provided free of charge. So all you have to do is show up! I'm so grateful to have this oasis in my neighborhood!!!
J.I. , client

Studio is very well decorated, feels cozy and peaceful. The staff are all super friendly and helpful. All of the classes I've taken here so far have been pretty slow pace. The instructors take A LOT of time to explain things which is great for new students but a bit redundant to those who've taken yoga before. Basically if you're looking to work up a sweat, the yoga classes here are not for you. But if you're looking to stretch and relax, this is right up your alley. Most of the classes I've taken had an older demographic.  I have not taken their pilates classes
S.N.,  Client

This place has done so much good for my soul. I feel at home and peace. All instructors are amazing!!! Thank you so much!

I took my first of many classes today. I can't even believe to describe the immense peace and love I walked away with. This is a very safe, professional, harmonious environment
A.G. , Client

This place was so amazing and so relaxing! I attended the yoga class on Friday. The instructor was great and very helpful. I will definitely be back :)
V.G., Client

I was looking for yoga class in Lomita. A good friend of mine called me today. Said she just took a yoga class at this location this is what she told me.I LOVED It!! The best yoga class i ever had!  The instructor was educated on anatomy and did lots of small movements that went to the core muscles in the hip area. Also , she placed an aroma essence in palm of our hands, which we smelled at the end of session. Ahhhhhhh.  SUSAN,one of owners is super nice.
B.R., Client

This is one of the most amazing yoga studio's in the South Bay. The energy is amazing, highly educated teachers, traditional Hatha Yoga classes and very interesting workshops. The garden is a great place to meditate outside, and the owners, Karen and Susan are extremely professional and very helpful. Great for beginners as well as advanced practitioners who want to practice yoga the way it was intended to - to heal and quiet the mind.
M.D., Client

This is my favorite yoga studio ever! The environment is inviting, relaxing and rejuvenating. I've worked with 3 of their instructors so far and they were all terrific. I've taken yoga for many years on and off and I've learned so much from these instructors. They work at your level and teach proper body alignment so you get maximum benefits without getting hurt. This is perfect for beginners all the way up to experienced practitioners. I haven't tried the pilates yet but it's on my To-Do list -- hoping they can offer more times. Another nice thing is that they invite you to just hang out before or after class to look at books in their book nook or meditate. I always hate to leave! Thank you, GGIW!
A.D. Client

So many things to love about this place! Great variety of class styles and times to choose from.  Warm and welcoming owners and instructors! And a beautiful garden.
A.B., Client

I love how close it is to home and the atmosphere they've created. As someone who hadn't practiced yoga in years I found the idea of starting again a little intimidating. When I came to my first class I received a warm friendly welcome and a tour of the space which made me feel much more at ease.  I had a great first class and have been coming back week after week.
R.B., Client

Noticed this new place while driving by. Always wanted to try Yoga, but was always scared that I would not be able to do it. Given the short distance from home, I tried it one Saturday morning, and have never looked back. It is nice to get outside of the house, to a place that welcomes all levels of practice. Have learned so much about myself and my body. Those normal aches and pains have simply went away. I feel so much better then I have in a long time. Owners and instructors are very nice and helpful. The studio is always clean and inviting. Their mediation sessions are great as well. Best part is you're barefooted!!!
J.A. Client

I have been attending yoga sessions here for the past two weeks. As an absolute beginner I have been made to feel welcome and supported. Great owners and teachers. Going to try their brand new mat Pilates class tomorrow night!
L.R., Client

Every time I walk into The Garden , I feel all my stress disappear. Love the energy and people there . It's truly a place of peace .
T.E., Client

This place is FANTASTIC!! Great energy and wonderful people.
B.H., Client

As a beginner, I was afraid I could never do yoga. The instructors here are so patient and attentive! Even after just a few classes, I feel like I've improved. The studio is calm and inviting, and their garden is darling!
A.B., Client

This is my new studio that I love going to. Karen and Susan have created a wonderful new space for yoga practice. Calm, serene, what more could you ask for! Go and check it out!
M.B., Client

New, Beautiful Yoga Paradise in Lomita! LOVE the wonderful owners Susan and Karen. Such a peaceful and inspired environment they have created here. Such an oasis of bliss and such a wonderful place to come and get your yoga on! Will be back soon!!
L.A., Client

This place is a gem. I found it when I was desperately looking for a yoga class while in the area caring for my sick mom. The owners are kind and compassionate. The teachers are the same. I gave it four stars because of the choice of music in a couple of classes. In my opinion, if there is music played it should be the type of music that brings your attention inward. The music was good but too distracting for a yoga class. Other than that, highly recommend trying this place out. It is unpretentious and the people there truly care about your well being.
C.R., Client

This is the yoga studio I have been looking for!!  They have lots of different classes and styles of yoga.  I am not a flow person I like to practice my pose and work on doing them well and then going to the next one, and that is what they do.  It is very relaxing and they also have a small reading room too!  I can't wait to try all the different classes they have.
L.P., Client

Love the 6am class! Thanks for having it!!
K.R., Client

Rise and Shine yoga is a great way to start the day! Everyone is so nice and friendly an the audio has a great relaxing environment. I will be returning again soon.
A.P., Client

Love this place!  Atmosphere is very relaxing and zen.  The classes I've taken so far have been great for beginners and intermediate yogis.  Instructors are warm, welcoming, caring, and knowledgable.  Thank you to both owners for designing a yoga studio that is not intimidating but for what yoga is truly all about.
C.N., Client

 I am loving this place!!  Stefie the yoga instructor is great!   Everyone is soooo friendly makes you feel welcome.  First time doing yoga and I must say great place to unwind.  I have tried the meditation class as well as sound bar yoga.  And all of them are amazing. So to all of you at GGIW. Great job!!!!
M.A., Client

I really love this yoga studio. I had been in a search for a yoga studio that felt peaceful and uplifting for a few years. As soon as I walked inside I knew this was a great place to relax. There is a patio garden space that is perfect to appreciate a warm day, with a fountain that soothes the senses. Inside there is a comfortable library space with chairs you can sink into and read when you come early.The owners Karen and Susan are so friendly and so easy to chat with. They really have created a wonderful studio. The floor has a cushion so it's comfortable to do all the poses and yet firm enough that it's easy to keep your balance. They have all the equipment you need and are great about cleaning the mats.And the instructors and classes are varied enough that you can explore different types of yoga practices.There is a parking lot with enough space that you are not hunting around feeling stressed that you won't be on time for your class.Once you take a class here you won't regret it.
S.I., Client

Today was my first time every taking a yoga class. I really enjoyed myself. Our instructor Dena went at a perfect pace and every movement just flowed right onto the next. At no point did I feel that I was straining myself or forced to be in a position that I or the other students couldn't do. The fact that everything is provided to you, the mat, the blocks, the belts and blankets all at a reasonable & affordable price is amazing. I'm already looking at classes for next week. Namaste
M.D., Client

I have been practicing yoga on and off for quite some time. I guess I just hadn't felt connected to any of the studios I had previously attended. After coming here for the first time on a Friday afternoon (perfect class for teachers like myself to unwind-Tracy rocks!) I felt an immediate connection with the center, from the unique names on the lockers, to the "zen zone" offered for early arrivals... This place is perfect! Karen is always super friendly and keeps me in the loop with the various workshops and packages available. I liked that she wasn't pushy or pressuring me to join more classes than I could handle. Anyone looking for a variety of classes to choose from this is your place. Give this place a try... you will LOVE it!!!!!!
A. A., Client

If I were to dream up a yoga studio in my head, this is what it would be. From amazing teachers and owners, a relaxing space and so many great workshops and opportunities for self-care it's everything I was looking for. I originally started because I was looking for a way to get back to moving around after recovering from a broken ankle. I had a private session with Maureen who is wonderful and an experienced, certified yoga therapist to help me feel comfortable getting back on my feet and practicing yoga. She really knows her stuff and I felt so comfortable learning so much about movement and strengthening myself after an injury. They really look out for everyone's limitations and you don't feel pushed or like just a number- it's a very personal feel.
Then I explored other classes and workshops and it just got better. I really enjoy every thing they have to offer. It makes a huge difference in my life when I make the time to take a class or workshop- physically and mentally. It's such a great place to have in the South Bay and I am glad that I found a place to call my oasis.
M.O., Client

I'm a certified yoga teacher and this is by far...the best studio around. The teachers are so highly knowledgeable and the studio is very calming and relaxing. It's beautiful here.
L.D., Client

Not just because I teach here as a yoga instructor, but this is the studio I would want to attend regularly as a practitioner. A garden entrance, padded flooring, crystals everywhere, mini lockers with plenty of space for shoes and personal belongings, cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, and the friendliest studio owners you'll ever meet. GGIW is a hidden gem in the city of Lomita.
Stefanosis Singh, GGIW Teacher

Of course I am biased, but after teaching in the South Bay for over ten+ years, hands down this studio offers so much. There is nothing out here that sticks to the traditional roots of YOGA AND WELLNESS. Karen and Susan are passionate about sharing this healing space with everyone! Many gifted, talented teachers. You won't be disappointed.
M. Deering Davis, GGIW Teacher