In additional to our large variety of weekly yoga and pilates classes, we pride ourselves on our Wellness Workshops.
From crafty events, to workshops that expand the knowledge of your mind, body or spirit, we invite you and your friends to our workshops!
Please note, workshops that do not reach minimum enrollment are subject to cancellation; please don't delay in registering. 

First Friday Sound Meditation
Hosted by Stefanosis & Jussara
Friday, March 2nd, 7pm
Friday, April 6th, 7pm
Friday, May 4th, 7pm

Join Stefanosis (and usually Jussara, too) for a relaxing hour of breathwork and guided meditation concluding with a sound immersion using singing bowls, gongs, and other various, tribal instruments. This is the ultimate meditation experience using ancient sound tools to bring the mind to a relaxed state quickly and effortlessly. No physical movements. First Friday of every month.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so we can begin on time. 

$20 advanced registration appreciated

Reiki Circle with Sound Healing
Hosted by Claudia Bumuller
Friday, March 9th, 7:00-9:00pm
Friday, April 13th, 7:00-9:00pm

Reiki is a stress reduction & relaxation technique that attunes the energy flow within the body and allows for one's natural healing process to occur. It works on the body, mind, heart and soul, always going where it is most needed. Great for reducing stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance to open up our energy centers. 

Join Claudia Bumuller for an evening of meditation, sound healing and sending Reiki Energy Healing within our circle of friends that night. Experience the fusion with crystal sound bowls to deepen your healing. This workshop is perfect for student and practitioners alike!

All levels welcome, no experience necessary!
Seating is limited to ten participants! Please do not delay in saving your space.
Please arrive by 6:45pm so we may begin on time. 

$30 advanced registration, $35 at the door, space permitting

The Unchained Spirit: Living with Chronic Illness
Saturday, March 10th, 10am-2pm
Hosted by Barbara Lieberman: Pipe & Thimble Bookstore
And Lorrie Denning, Certified Yoga Teacher

Pipe & Thimble Bookstore and Garden of Grace, Intention, and Wellness are teaming up for everyone who is #chronicallyfabulous!

Start off at Pipe & Thimble Bookstore, from 10am-12pm, with author of The Unchained Spirit and speaker, Barbara Lieberman, to discuss living well with chronic illness and receive your own Unchaining Your Spirit wellness journal. 

"According to Barbara Lieberman, living with a chronic illness is like living with a monster in your closet. Unchaining Your Spirit: Living With Chronic Illness was written to help others facing similar challenges, with daily questions and exercises to help focus on living well while living with illness."

Then, head over to the fabulous local yoga studio, Garden of Grace, Intention, and Wellness, from 12:30pm-2pm, to join Lorrie Denning for an empowering Therapeutic Yoga class on the topic of Yoga and Self-care for Chronic pain. 

  • Posture imbalances and the effects on the body
  • The breath’s amazing ability to reduce stress and pain
  • How our emotions affect the pain response
  • Relaxation techniques to reduce muscle tension and pain 

Lorrie will teach your various self-care techniques that will help you on your journey to manage and improve your chronic pain issues.
We will enjoy a gentle Yoga class with an emphasis on postural alignment, gentle stretching, stress reduction and a guided mediation. 
Lorrie Denning is very familiar with the subject of chronic pain. Living with chronic pain for over 30 years, she has an intimate understanding of the challenges and triumphs in dealing with daily chronic pain. She is currently studying Yoga Therapy in Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles. She hosts class Tuesday evenings at GGIW Yoga.

$35 pre-registration! Pre-registration ends on March 7th! $40 at the door! Limited space, no guarantee walk-ins will receive the book!
Register in person, call or text GGIW 310-997-7018 or via Eventbrite

Mediumship Group Sitting
Hosted by Stephanie Harris
Sunday, March 11th, 4:00-6:00pm

Stephanie's Mediumship Group Sitting, commonly referred to as a "Spirit Circle", is limited to ten people, so that the group is small enough to allow individual time with each person. Please note that this is a public group setting and is a different experience than that of a private session. The group settings are held in a warm and intimate atmosphere, where new friends are often created from this shared experience.
Individuals in the group will receive messages from their loved ones who have passed on. As Stephanie links with Spirit, she will move through the group in a random manner as she delivers messages from Loved Ones. The experience of a group sitting is beautiful and touching.  Above all, this is a time to connect with loved ones, so that they can communicate with you in their own way, with messages of Love, Hope and Healing. Join us with an open heart, open mind, and open to receive.

Stephanie likes to say that she acts as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical worlds, with the intention of healing both worlds.

The sittings typically run approximately two hours.  The sitting starts promptly, so you’re encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early, so Stephanie can use all the time available.

Please register in advance directly with Stephanie.

$35 advanced registration, $40 at the door. Seating is very limited.

Energy Protection, Boundaries and Aura Cleaning for Personal and Business Life
~ Create & Protect Your Personal Power ~
Hosted by Usui/Tibetan Master Reiki Teacher Claudia Bumuller
Saturday, March 17th, 1:00-3:00pm

  • Do you pick up emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences and energy easily from other people?
  • Do you feel drained when you around certain people and energy?
  • Do you find yourself feeling unwell at times and wonder if it could be energy related?
  • Do you feel stressed due to competition, jealousy or anxiety at work?

In this transformational workshop you will learn 6 self-protection tools:

  • Clearing, grounding & protection of your energy field & aura
  • Removing cords with negative people and energy vampires
  • Restoring your energy and balancing your chakras
  • Creating energy protection and boundaries for your wellness
  • Raising your inner voice and vibration through boundaries and the personal power to say no!
  • Simple strategies to protect your energy, bolster your personal power and uplift others without creating attachment

Everyone has a different level of energy sensitivity. Learn how to embrace yours, limit others, and co-exist in a positive way. 
Limited seating! Don't delay in registering. 
$30 advanced registration
$35 at the door, space permitting

Free Community Event! East Meets West Karma Yoga
Hosted by: RS Karun Kumar & Maureen Deering Davis
Sunday, March 18th, 4pm

Part of being a Yoga Teacher is to give back to the community. Karma Yoga is where the teacher gives from the heart the teachings of Yoga to the community to create a sense of Sangha (community spirit) Come Join us for a unique experience hosted by RS Karun Kumar of Kerala, India and Maureen Deering Davis for a blend of Hatha Yoga. All levels are welcome.

$10 for current clients, or free with a first time guest
$0 for first time guests

Crystal Healing for Animals
Hosted by Jaimie Michaels & Road Dog Montgomery Twin
Saturday, April 7th, 2-4pm

Open up to the world of Crystal Healing with crystal reiki master Jaimie Michael & road dog Montgomery Twix. At this workshop you'll enjoy learning:
How & Why Crystals Support Your & Your Pet
Simple Tips to Choose Your Crystals
Easy Ways to Work With Your Crystals Everyday
Conclude with a 15 minute group meditation and crystal reiki session. 
Take home a 3 piece reiki infused crystal set, grid template and hand out to continue your daily practice.
$25 registration. $5 of each registration will be donated to Road Dogs & Rescue with love.

Check out Instagram @montgomerytwix and @roaddogs

Free Event: Meet & Greet
Danny Donarye, Author of EverPresent: Daily Intentions for a Life of Now
Sunday, April 8th, 4pm

Join us for readings from EverPresent Daily Intentions for a Life of Now, new book by author Danny Donarye, and inspiring talk about how intention can bring a renewed sense of peace and focus, while helping us transcend stress and circumstance to think, and act, from a more mindful and heart-centered perspective.
EverPresent 'Daily Intentions for a Life of Now' is a book of daily inspirational quotes and poems to uplift and invite personal reflection. It is a catalyst to consciously pause and purposely set our desired intentions as we go about the daily tasks of our everyday lives. This usable calendar book will not only act as a lovely reminder to feel connected and supported every day, it will also act as a personal encouragement and guide to your own intentional state of thinking, feeling and being in the world!
About the author: Danny Donayre is a certified life coach, transformational hypnotherapist, author and producer of inspirational media. His first book, 7 Years in 7 Days: A Life of Now, is a weekly guided journal of original affirmations for inspired reflection and self-actualization. Danny has co-produced FM talk radio, documentary films, hosted international webcasts, created and facilitated live events, and spoken on personal development and mindfulness across the United States. He is the founder of Garden Rule Publishing, a comprehensive platform of empowering media, live speaking, hosting, coaching and consulting. 
Light refreshment served.

$ 0.00 While this is a no charge event, registering helps us with refreshment planning. Please register by clicking below, call/text, email or RSVP in person.

Soul Healing Soundbath
Hosted by Fabian Rodriguez
Saturday, April 14th, 7pm


A Sound Bath is a unique experience in which sound and vibrations are created through various sacred instruments from around the world such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and more. As the participant lays back with an eye cover, Fabian guides them through breathing techniques, guided meditation and a sound journey within. Reaching these deep levels of relaxation & clarity leave you feeling lighter, grounded and transformed. In today's world of distraction, constant noise, time pressure and anxiety, we forget to take a moment to listen in and allow ourselves to reset and realign, down to the cellular level.

$25 advanced registration, $30 at the door, space permitting

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