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In additional to our large variety of weekly yoga and pilates classes, we pride ourselves on our Wellness Workshops.
From crafty events, to workshops that expand the knowledge of your mind, body or spirit, we invite you and your friends to our workshops!
Please note, workshops that do not reach minimum enrollment are subject to cancellation; please don't delay in registering. * “At The Door pricing is space permitting*



Mediumship & Psychic Art Demo

Hosted by Michael & Marti Parry
Acclaimed husband and wife mediums, Michael and Marti work as a team. Michael relates messages directly from those that have passed on to the other side. Marti independently draws detailed recognizable portraits of people in spirit.

Together you’ll experience the most dramatic and definitive example of communication from the other side.

Book directly with the host via or 310-539-5646

$35 early bird till Jan 2nd
$45 online
$55 at the door, cash only



Hosted by Geof Jowett
The purpose of Understanding Your Chakras Workshop is to educate you on how to create and maintain a healthy and continuously flow of balanced energy circulating within and throughout your energy being. Energy blockages and imbalances can create mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual ‘dis-ease’ within your energy being. Understand how to minimize your resistance and opposition to the natural flow of universal energy to diminish and eliminate physical disorders, emotional chaos, and mental confusion.
Through the exploration of your own chakras, and the use of Carl Jung’s archetypical patterns, you can learn how to release the victim, martyr, servant, actor, silent child, intellectual, and egotist from your energy being. Using individual and small group discussion, you will identify how the use of these lower archetypical choices and how explore the impact they have had on your life. You will find out about methods to align yourself more with the higher archetypical of mother, emperor/empress, warrior, lover, communicator, intuitive and guru.
Through a series of prayers, affirmations, music, crystals, flowers, poems, and simple yoga poses you can learn to maintain a balanced and harmonious continuous flow of through your chakras leading to a increased sense of peace, balance and harmony.

About Geof Jowett: Geof is an intuitive medium, author and educator. With is teachings, he enjoys integrating his scientific education and experience in anatomy and molecular biology with his intuitive nature. Geof resides in Palm Springs CA where is offers mediumship, soul karma, soul progression, chakra balancing reading. Divine Arts Medium published his book The Power of I AM, Aligning the Chakra of Consciousness, which will be referred to as a resource for this workshop.




Sunday | February 10th | 5pm

chanting workshop

Hosted by Maureen & Karun

Curious about what is a mantra? How can I add mantras to my yoga practice? How can chanting mantra create a shift in the vibration of energy in my body, help clear and calm my mind? This workshop is for you!!

Chanting is an ancient practice with the repetition of mantra (similar to prayer) where you utilize the breath, clear the mind. Chanting mantra is a powerful practice.

Maureen and Karun will teach you 3 basic mantra's to practice. Together we will explore the art of chanting, why it's important, meaning of each chant and then as a group practice a small Kirtan where we will all chant together.

Chanting free's you from mind limitations and you don't need a good voice to chant. All voices are welcome. Bring a friend!

$25 Advanced Registration, $30 at the door
$40 Bring a Friend Discount, price for 2 people
Space is limited to 20 students.

Saturday | February 16th | 12”30pm

Crafting hope: paper bead making & fair trade

Hosted by Amber Martinez

Meet us on the mat, where we’ll begin our afternoon with meditation.

Then we’ll learn to make beautiful paper beads from cereal boxes, while discovering how fair trade sales of similar products help artisans around the world overcome difficult situations. 

 The mission of Trades of Hope is to use sustainable business and job creation to empower women out of poverty in over 16 different countries around the world.

Explore & shop the exclusive line of fashion accessories and home decor that are ethically crafted by women rising out of poverty, earning consistent incomes in safe working conditions and thriving in their communities with their families as they look hopefully into the future. Every purchase makes a difference and changes lives.

$15 advanced registration appreciated

image1 (2).jpeg


SATURday | February 16th | 7pm

Dance Tonic

Hosted by Jojo
Dance Tonic " Boost Your Spirit/Restore Your Essence"

Your guide, Jojo will take you on a fun and therapeutic ride on the soft cushioned floor of our yoga studio. You will listen to an eclectic mix of melodies to make your body move in ways which will assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you!

Jojo likes to describe Dance Tonic as massaging your body through conscious movement. No dance experience necessary!

Just bring your beautiful self and wear comfortable flowing clothing! Jaimie from Heart & Crown Reiki will be designing an altar with powerful reiki infused healing crystals for you to bask in while celebrating you & our special community in the spirit of LOVE 💜

Dance First, Think Later!


friday | March 1st | 7pm
friday | april 5th | 7pm

1st friday meditation and mudras

Hosted by Stefanosis & Jussara
Join Stefanosis & Jussara for a relaxing hour of breathwork, chakra-balancing through sound & hand-symbols called "mudras" with meditation.

Concludes with a sound immersion using singing bowls, gongs, and other various, tribal instruments and something fun to eat! 

This is the ultimate meditation experience using ancient sound tools and mudras for the seven, major chakras. Very little physical movements.

$20 advanced registration appreciated, $25 at the door

Stef and Jussara.jpg


sat & sun | march 2-3 | 1-5pm | module I
sat & sun | march 9-10 | 1-5pm | MOdule II
Sat & sun | april 6-7 | 1-5pm | module III

infinite waters

Hosted by Sukhmani
Module I: Fundamentals, Chakras, Lifestyle
Module II: Subtle Energy, Consciousness
Module III: Philosophy, Breathwork, Sound

Modules can be taken separately or together. Each module consists of Saturday and Sunday. Materials and light snack included. Discount for returning students. Contact for additional info and registration.
$250 +

sunday | march 24th | 2pm

family constellations

Hosted by Zahara

Family Constellations is somatic trauma resolution. We all have a field of consciousness that includes our family patterns.

As children we make hidden agreements in our deep love for our family. You may experience a re-trigger effect when your with family or with those who remind you of your family dynamic. When we gather in a circle to do this work we are trusting in the Quantum Field within the circle. Source is guiding the work. Our intuitive role play is coming from Source.

If you feel called to come to this work you can trust that you are listening to the Field calling you in. It is astonishing how participants come to this work. This work was brought into being with a deep reverence for our Ancestors. If not for our Ancestors we would not be here.

Our Group intention is for Deep Family Healing for all who participate. Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing This is only one of the many tools that will come into play within the family work. The essence of Ho’oponopno is to “make right” in relationships.

The simple steps are:

  • I am sorry

  • Please forgive me

  • Thank you

  • I love you

As facilitator Zahara goes into a deep meditative state. She trusts in the Guidance of Source and the Higher Intelligence of the Field.

$20 advanced registration appreciated

IMG_9524 (1).jpg

Singing Bowl Basics 2019.JPG

saturday | march 30th | 5pm

singing bowl basics

Do you have a singing-bowl at home but don't know how to make it sing ?

Do you want to know what key it's in ?

In this 75-minute workshop, you'll learn...

  • a brief history of singing bowls and Naad yoga 

  • the difference between lathed vs. hand-beaten singing bowls

  • proper striking and rubbing techniques

  • how and where to find a good quality singing bowl

  • basic healing and meditation techniques 

Limited to 15 registrants. Practice bowls will be provided, or bring your own. About Stefanosis: a certified, level 2 sound-therapist through IASH under master Satya Brat, Stefanosis has a collection of 20 different singing bowls for music and sound therapy.

$40 advanced registration, $45 at the door, space permitting